Here are examples of help/documentation redesign projects, where I worked on the planning, design, development, and deployment for user guides, a help menu, and documentation wikis.

Quick Base Help redesign

I was responsible for the redesign and re-theming of three customer-facing help deliverables for Quick Base: a user guide, the API guide, and release notes. These are all written and produced using Madcap Flare.

Highlights of the project included:

  • Applying new product branding colors and fonts
  • Adding responsive layouts
  • Improving accessibility
  • Reorganizing all content for end user, developer, and administrator audiences
  • Moving monthly release notes into a Flare project



I designed this set of posters for an internal trade show to explain and promote the project:

Visit the live versions with the redesign theme:

Contextual help menu

I worked with product management and front-end development to design and implement changes to the help menu within Quick Base.

Previously, the help menu only included a search box. The new design showed contextual assistance matching the page or task.




The content source is written and published in the same Madcap Flare project we used for external help, but designed to appear in the help menu.

Here are more samples from the project:

Overview poster

Specification for a future phase

IBM documentation wikis

This presentation explains a project I managed where my team enabled community-based information. We designed and deployed editable wikis for DITA-based documentation. The strategy by our area of IBM was to innovate on how existing documentation was delivered to customers and partners.

Here’s images showing some of the IBM wikis:

IBM Notes and Domino wiki

IBM Connections wiki

IBM Connections Cloud Developers wiki