Here are samples of specs for in-product content. These were all final specs that were the basis for development.

“Build together” app creation copy

My spec for final content for an app creation modal for Quick Base. Developers could use this series of dialogs (called Build Together) to choose a use case as the starting point for a new database application.

Trial landing page content

This is final layout and content for a trial page for Quick Base. This work was done as part of a project to improve the first-user experience for potential customers.

Explanation welcome dialog

This content appeared in-product to help explain a key concept for Quick Base, which was how and why to relate tables in a database. I worked with a visual designer on the layout and images, which influenced the final copy.

Show / hide tips

Here is my final spec, along with screens of the final live UI, for contextual, in-product help for Carbon Black Defense.

I listened to several customer interviews, led by a user researcher, where we learned that administrators working on policy definitions sometimes needed clarity on the choices. The in-product content design catered to providing definitions and tips, which was just enough information for this technical audience, and prevented them from calling support for help.

Full content specs

Examples of show/hide tips in final UI